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SSO Course Intro
SSO Course Purpose
The Synchronization Staff Officer (SSO) Training Course is primarily designed to provide Director of Material (DOM) DCS G-8 students (serving SSOs) with an in-depth understanding of SSO specific missions, responsibilities and organizational relationships, while also serving as a team building opportunity for students from other agencies [ASC(LMI); ASA(ALT); NGB; OCAR; etc.] who routinely interact with SSOs in support of the Force Development mission. This course serves as an entry-level education for officers and civilians assigned to SSO positions and those who interact with SSOs. As an important part of the SSO’s job, this course examines how an SSO synchronizes the Joint Capabilities Integration and Development Systems (JCIDS); the Defense Acquisition System (DAS); and, the Planning, Programming, Budgeting and Execution (PPBE) process in support of the research, development, acquisition, procurement delivery allocations and sustainment of required capabilities at the right time.

This course is designed for an optimal of 42 students and a maximum of 48 students per class.
SSO Course Scope
The SSO Training Course is to be an applied vice theoretical course with emphasis on incorporating subject material and data-bases/applications into demonstrations and hands-on practical course exercises to provide SSO centric “how to” clarity and context to the training. The course is developed and presented from an SSO-Centric perspective.
SSO Course Director
Mr. Tommie Hewitt
SSO Course Director
Tommie Hewitt is the Synchronization Staff Officer (SSO) Course Director and an Instructor/Facilitator at the Army Force Management School (AFMS). Tommie provides blocks of instruction and expertise for the following blocks of instruction: Materiel Acquisition Strategies-Contracting, Army Materiel Command Overview, Human Systems Integrations, Equipping the Force, Total Package Fielding and Manning the Force. Tommie has served at the strategic, operational and tactical levels with years of experience at HQDA G-3/5/7, HQDA G-1, Army Materiel Command and the Defense Logistics Agency. He holds a Masters of Science in National Resource Strategy- National Defense University, a Masters of Science in Administration-Central Michigan University, and a Bachelors of Science in Finance-Norfolk State University.
SSO Course Prerequisites
DOM: Anyone currently serving in a DOM/G-8 Hardware Division in any one of the following roles: SSO; OPSO (Operations Officer); or Budget Analyst.

DOR/DJI: Anyone currently serving in FD/G-8 with duty roles/responsibilities requiring routine interaction with SSOs.

Other Attendees: Personnel currently serving with duty roles/responsibilities requiring routine interaction with SSOs. These include: Army G-3/5/7 Organizational Integrators (OI); DA System Coordinators (DASC); ASC (LMI) Material Integrators (MI); System Integrators (SI) assigned to OCAR or Army ARNG.
SSO Course Enrollment Procedures
To register for the SSO Training Course, please provide encrypted email with the following details to the AFMS Registrar:
1) Requested Course Dates
2) Last Name, First Name, M.I.
3) Status (MIL, CIV, CTR)
4) MIL & CIV Rank or Grade
5) Military Status (AC, NGB, USAR, or N/A)
6) Duty Position (SSO, DASC, OI, MI, SI, etc.)
7) Organization (G-8, G-3/5/7, ASA(ALT), NGB, OCAR, PEO, ARDEC, etc.)
8) Location (Pentagon, Arlington Hall, Belvoir, PICA, Redstone, etc.)
9) Work Phone
10) Cell Phone
11) Enterprise Email Address
12) SSN (for ATRRS entry)

SSO Course Program of Instruction
AE2S Overview
Intro to FDIIS
SSO in JCIDS & MCDs Review
SSO in JCIDS-SOP Document Review
Requirements Roles & Processes
Equipment Review Validation Board
LIN Management Database
PPBE at Army PEG Level
Investment & Equipping
Conduct Bill Payer Drills
Transparency Process
SSOs Supporting PresBud STRATCOMs
Working w/ Congress & DASC Parades
LMI CONOPS & MI / SSO Collaboration
DST-SM Overview
SSO Panel
CAPSTONE PE: SSO Sector Sketch
SSO Course Billeting
Billeting: All AFMS students in a TDY status will report to post billeting located in Knadle Hall (building 470) 9775 Gaillard Road Fort Belvoir, VA 22060. Fort Belvoir billeting is operated by the IHG Army Hotels ( Fort Belvoir Billeting (Knadle Hall) contact telephone information is:

  Reservations (703) 704-8600
  Customer Service (703) 704-8700
  Front Desk (703) 704-8300
  Manager (703) 704-8000
  Knadle Hall (703) 704-8300

Uniform: The duty uniform for all AFMS courses is: Military personnel will wear the Army Combat Uniform (ACUs); the civilian duty uniform is business casual. AFMS students visiting the Pentagon or other sites within the National Capitol Region (NCR) will wear the class "A" or "B" Army Service Uniform (ASU) on Fridays.

SSO Course Dates
FY 2021
001 4/12/2021 4/16/2021  
002 9/13/2021 9/17/2021 Moved to 10/4/2021 
FY 2022
003 10/4/2021 10/8/2021  
001 4/11/2022 4/15/2022  
002 9/12/2022 9/16/2022