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FMOC Course Intro
FMOC Purpose
The Force Management Orientation Course (FMOC) is designed for individuals who have little or no experience in DoD force management. It is designed to provide basic concepts, techniques, and procedures using hands on training with the tools and techniques necessary to apply principles of Force Management. The curriculum introduces students to the skills required to analyze, validate, and standardize Army Force structure. In addition, the student learns how to assess the relevance of Army organizations to the Operating Force through the Total Army Analysis process. Course discussions underscore the dynamics of current force structure initiatives, both in the Operating and Generating Forces and their impact to Army Commands, Army Service Component Commands, and Direct Reporting Units. This course teaches current FM policies, procedures, processes and systems, and prepares students to assist in the management of organizations. Upon completion of the course, they will be able to assist mid-level management positions within any functional area of force management. The instructional focus is upon how Force Management is integrated within the S- staff or within the G-staff at command levels.
FMOC Scope
FMOC instruction places a strong emphasis on practical exercises and application. Students will examine Command Plan/Change Management Plan   processes and their roles to help build products to support them within the required timelines. Students will learn how manpower analysis is accomplished and how to conduct crosswalks of that manpower to organizational equipment.

Students will learn how to create and coordinate Schedule 8 changes from the installation level through HQ and prepare them for submission to Headquarters Department of Army Program Analysis and Evaluation (HQDA PAGE).

Students will be able to apply scheduling techniques and coordinate with commanders, Army staff, other Army Capability Managers[ACM] , and program/project managers to facilitate and synchronize new equipment/capabilities fielding, retro-fit or implementation.

Practical exercises will include processing electronic 4610–R Equipment Change Requests for TDAs and completion of a memorandum to request changes to Army organizational designs.

Emphasis on practical applications of FMS web data and using data repository logic and technologies to provide information from several different sources and understand logical connections between functional applications and Army systems.

In preperation for the course it is reccomended that all students complete the AFMS Distributed Learning course FM101. The course link is located under the courses tab at the top of this page.

FMOC Director
Mr. George Polovchik
ARNG FM Course Director
George Polovchik is the Force Management Orientation Course Director, and Instructor/Facilitator at the Army Force Management School. Areas of instruction focus on Force Structure and Force Integration. George has 13 years of experience in force structure and force integration on the Army staff and Army Service Component Command level. He brings experience from the lowest level of force management as a command manager/organizational integrator to the most senior levels of working force integration on the Army Staff. George holds a Master of Science in Logistics management and a Bachelor Science in Resource management .
FMOC Enrollment Procedures
Enrollment is through ATRRS.  FMOC is oriented to military officers, O-1 through O-3, Warrant Officer 1, Non-Commissioned Officers E6 through E8 and DoD civilians, GS-5 through GS-9
FMOC Billeting
Billeting: All AFMS students in a TDY status will report to post billeting located in Knadle Hall (building 470) 9775 Gaillard Road Fort Belvoir, VA 22060. Fort Belvoir billeting is operated by the IHG Army Hotels ( Fort Belvoir Billeting (Knadle Hall) contact telephone information is:

  Reservations (703) 704-8600

Uniform: The duty uniform for all AFMS courses is: Military personnel will wear the Army Combat Uniform (ACUs); the civilian duty uniform is business casual. AFMS students visiting the Pentagon or other sites within the National Capitol Region (NCR) will wear the class “A’ or “B” Army Service Uniform (ASU).

FMOC Course Dates
FY 2021
001 11/30/2020 12/11/2020  
002 6/14/2021 6/25/2021  
FY 2022
001 12/06/2021 12/17/2021  
002 6/13/2022 6/24/2022