Inclement Weather Policy
Fort Belvoir Winter Weather Information In the event of severe weather conditions, the AFMS may be closed or have a late arrival or early dismissal based on either Fort Belvoir operations status or an AFMS decision. Students will be notified as follows:

a. Notification.

(1) During Duty Hours. The Course Director will advise students of early dismissal.

(2) During Non-Duty Hours. Students will follow the Fort Belvoir operations status covering all federal employees in the Fort Belvoir area as announced over local radio and television stations. Students should specifically follow instructions for “Fort Belvoir” as opposed to the Office of Personnel Management (OPM).

b. “Liberal leave” or “unscheduled leave is authorized” DOES NOT APPLY to AFMS students. However, prudence should always dictate student actions and AFMS does not expect students to involve themselves in dangerous expeditions or extraordinary measures to arrive on time. When bad weather or road conditions occur that affect operations at Fort Belvoir, that information is recorded on the Fort Belvoir Information Hotline at (703) 805-3030. The Hotline and Fort Belvoir Web site are the best places to check for information about how the weather has impacted operations on post. Information is continually updated during inclement weather, both during and after duty hours, to report measures the post may take as a result of winter weather storms or other emergencies. Fort Belvoir operations status is also provided to the local television and radio stations whose Web links are provided below. In addition to running weather-status announcements in their on-air broadcasts, most media outlets also list them in “Operating Status” links on their Web sites.

NBC Washington (Channel 4)
FOX TV (Channel 5)
ABC WJLA TV (Channel 7)
News Channel 8
CBS News Now (Channel 9)
WTOP News Radio (FM 103.5, 103.9 and 107.7)
WFLS Radio (Fredericksburg)
WMAL Talk Live

You can also get email alerts by subscribing to Belvoir News & Info. Info is also posted to Fort Belvoir's Facebook page and Twitter feed.

Did you know you can follow the National Weather Service’s forecasts for Fort Belvoir online?